All Birmingham Youth Assistance programs are community-based and developed by volunteers who live and/or work in the community.

Camp Scholarships

The BYA Camp Committee offers summer camping, recreational and other enrichment activities for children from at-risk families in the Birmingham Public Schools area. BYA supports both day and overnight camping experiences at various camps, and works with the Birmingham Public Schools Community Education “Super Summer” program and the Birmingham YMCA to coordinate scholarship funding and to enhance each camper’s experience.

Family Education

The Family Education Committee provides a variety of programs designed to improve communication between parents and their children, help parents understand child development, and enhance their parenting skills. BYA often co-sponsors programs and speakers with other groups. We were initial co-sponsors of the Michigan Father’s Conference.

Over the years Birmingham Youth Assistance has presented programs on:

  • 2012-2013 Rx Drugs Abuse by Teens  BYA was proud to co-host with the help of the Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition, Dr. Carol Boyd, PhD, MSN, FAAN, Research Professor, Substance Abuse Research Center & Institute for Research on Women and Gender; Deborah J. Oakley Professor of Nursing & Women’s Studies, University of Michigan. Dr. Boyd is an internationally recognized scholar who has studied drug use for more than three decades. Dr. Boyd’s most recent work centers on gender differences in prescription medication misuse in adolescents.
  • 2010-2011 Children of Divorce Support Group acknowledging the need of our children, BYA  started this group to give them the valuable support  they need to understand divorce. Our facilitator focuses  on helping children understand that the feelings and insecurities they are experiencing are okay and normal, while giving them the tools and resources to manage their feelings.
  • 2008-2009 Eight Habits of the Heart Featuring Clifton Talulbert.  Taulbert believes that the Eight Habits of the Heart are essential for developing Leadership, Embracing Diversity, Mentoring, and Delivering Commitment and Collaboration among teams and families.
  • 2007-2008 Active Parenting – Lunch & Learn 3 Part series on parenting services for parents of children ages 5-12 In partnership with Birmingham Public Schools Elementary Counselors
  • 2007-2008 Age of Entitlement: Kids who want Everything and Think They Should Have It! Featuring: Jerome Price, M.A.

Mentors Plus

Adult volunteers are matched with youngsters, aged five to 17, mentoring to them one-to-one. Adult applicants are screened and trained prior to matching. Additional training and consultation are provided throughout the match period.

Each adult volunteer is asked to commit one to two hours per week to a youngster for at least one year. In addition, they participate in group and countywide activities. Many matches extend far beyond the initial commitment. BYA always has many more children seeking a mentor than mentors available. Contact Us to begin the process of becoming a BYA mentor.

Retail Fraud Prevention

BYA’s caseworker and youth officers from our local police departments enlighten children about the familial, social and legal consequences of shoplifting. BYA presents this program to fifth graders at the request of counselors in Birmingham Elementary Schools. Counselors, click on the “Contact Us” button for more information or to arrange for BYA to present the program in their schools.