Why I got a mentor?

A Personal Testimony

Why I got a mentor?

My father was not involved in my life from birth.  My mother raised me alone throughout my entire life.  In elementary school she began searching for a male role model so that I could feel valued by a man and have an opportunity for the only one on one male relationship in my life.  I also got a mentor so that I could get advice that only a man could give me and so that I could see what being a man is all about.  I needed a mentor so I can see what a good male father, husband, and family provider looked and acted like.  I needed a mentor to confide in.

Impact of mentoring relationship on me personally?

  • Taught me how to do a lot of things that I wouldn’t have been able to learn in my home from my busy, single parent, full-time working mother who has to take care of everything in her life, raise me, and keep the household going by herself.
  • Always encouraging me to get outside and not sit in front of TV, so I appreciate outdoor activities and nature more.
  • Home Depot visits, fixing things around the house, home projects…makes me more self sufficient and able to contribute around my own house more.  I began trying to fix more things in my house and becoming more of a contributor in my home and helping my mom.  This helps me become more of a responsible leader in a family and in life.
  • Exposure to more of our world through going to places/events I wouldn’t have otherwise gone to.  Allows me to have a broader view of the world and opens up more doors and choices for me.  Also allows me to speak on more subjects with people which helps build relationships in life.
  • Made me more mature.
  • Instead of doing things like just movies and games, he involved me in his family relationship and structure so I learned more about what healthy family relationships look like, including between a husband and a wife.  This makes me feel more valued and loved.
  • Discussing education helped me place the highest value on my future educational goals.
  • Discussing political views helped me see other views to issues and be able to think about and value my own opinion and stand strong on my own opinion.
  • Talk to mentor about issues I don’t feel comfortable talking to my mother about, so it gives me an outlet to get important issues off my chest and not keep them bottled inside which could lead to bad decisions.

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