Youth In Service Nomination Guidelines

  1. A nominee must be a student in grades 6 through 12 residing in, or attending a public, private or parochial school within, the Birmingham School District boundaries.
  2. A nominator may be any adult or organization that wishes to submit the name of a deserving young person; however, nominations proposed by a family member will NOT be accepted.
  3. A nominee must have performed community service in at least one of the following ways:
    – Performance of an act of heroism
    – Provision of exceptional service on an individual basis to an organization or individual
    – Provision of exceptional service within a club or organization (e.g. LINKS, Seaholm Interact, church youth groups)
    – Achievement by an individual based upon overcoming a personal challenge and setting an example by assisting others (see #7 below)
    – Initiation of a new program or project to help others
  4. Nominees will be judged on the basis of VOLUNTARY efforts only. Service performed with the expectation of receiving school credit, financial gain or personal recognition are not eligible for consideration.
  5. This award is not given for achievement in non-service areas such as academics or music.
  6. A limited number of recipients are chosen, and the decision of the selection committee is final.
  7. If you wish to nominate a student under the category of “achievement by an individual based on overcoming a personal challenge and setting an example by assisting others”, we’d like you to be aware that the specific personal challenge will be described during the tribute at the breakfast. Therefore, if the student would be uncomfortable with this public declaration, please reconsider your nomination. We can keep some information confidential; however, the personal challenge is an ESSENTIAL element of the nomination.
  8. All information submitted to the selection committee is strictly confidential. If there is some sensitive information that you would like the committee to be aware of, but are reluctant to put in writing, you may contact our BYA Caseworker, Catherine Womack, at (248) 203-4300.
  9. All nominations should be submitted either by mail or online no later than Friday, February 14, 2020.

2019 Youth In Service Nomination Guidelines (PDF)